per accorciare il codice html……….

Put the long URL in the big text box and click on "Make it Short!".
To see link Statistics go to

Enter a long URL to make short:

Press the Button to make a Short URL

Choose a suffix:

Search Google:

Note: If you use IE on Windows, the short URL is automatically copied to your clipboard and is ready for pasting (using Ctrl- V).

An Example

Long URL: hl=en&q=this%20is%20how%20 urlic%20will%20turn%20the%20 ling%20url%20into%20a%20sho rt%20one&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF -8&sa=N&tab=wl

the power
of URLic

Short URL:

Main Features

  • Instantly create a short URL.
  • Lifetime permanent URL address – We never delete them.
  • Instant URL Redirection (Forwarding). No ads and no pop-ups in the forwarding.
  • Lets you pick your own URL suffix (custom URL).
  • a WEB 2.0 Site (AJAX Interface) – No page reloads.
  • 100% Free – No registration is required.

Why Use Urlic ?!

Urlic can instantly turn every awkward, and inconvenient long URL into a handy and easy to use short URL. The technical term is URL Forwarding.
URLic also allows you to choose your own suffix (the part after the "/" in the URL),
so the URL will be easy to remember and represent the page it refers to.
This can home Handy in a bunch of cases:

For Your own use:

Let’s say that you often search for the map of Brooklyn in Google maps. The URL is
Of course it’s not convenient to use and it’s impossible to remember.
Using URLic you can create this URL:
This can easily be remembered.

For emailing and posting:

Let’s say that you want to post a long URL on your website or in an Article or Just send to
your friends in an Email or to you customers in a newsletter.
Long URLs just don’t look good. With URLic you can create an Easy and Friendly URL for posting or Emailing.

For your website:

Let’s say that you have a website or a webpage on a free web host, without your own domain.
The URL would be something like:
This is not easy to use, remember or tell people.
With URLic you can easily create a URL like:

Terms of use:

URLic is a free service, designed to make posting of long URLs easier. The Service may only be used for actual URLs. Using it for spamming or illegal purposes is forbidden and any such use will result in the URLic URL referral being terminated. You may also be reported to all ISPs involved and to the proper governmental agencies. Abusing the service or using it to harm or offend others in any way is strongly forbidden. This service is provided without warranty of any kind.

Contact us:

To report Abuse or any other problem, or to make suggestions, please contact the webmaster by email.

Copyright © 2006 All rights reserved.

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